Civil Air Patrol
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Uniforms BDU’s and Blues

The Battle Dress Uniform or (BDU) is usually the first uniform a cadet will obtain. While the uniform is optional, it is highly recommended as a cadet needs a uniform for their first promotion and does not qualify for the $100 Curry Blues voucher until after their first promotion. Cadets will need a BDU uniform to participate in many activities and it it more comfortable for Orientation Flights and a host of other action-packed activities!

We have many partial BDU uniforms at the unit available, free of charge. If we have BDU pants, shirts, boots or caps in your size, you are welcome to it. Check with Capt Lt Kevin Thiede for details. If you did not purchase your uniform, or if you outgrow your uniform or leave the program that you return your uniform to us for the next cadet!

Vanguard Industries is the official supplier of Civil Air Patrol’s uniforms, insignia and accessories. Vanguard offers free standard shipping for orders over $35. You can order from Vanguard online or by telephone/fax.

A word about boots
The boots that Vanguard currently supplies are high-quality tactical Bates boots. While these boots are great for police, fire, military, etc., the cost about $100. Since many cadets will outgrow their boots in a year or two, we recommend a less expensive investment. We recommend searching for Rothco G.I. Type Combat Boot. These are 9″ boots with a Toe Cap. These can also be worn with USAF style Class “B” (blues) uniform. If money is tight, this allows you to avoid purchasing a pair of oxford for awhile. If you are absolutely certain that your feet have stopped growing and want to invest in a really great boot, then we recommend the Corcoran 10″ Original Jump Boot. They are available in the $150, are spit-shinable and will look great in any uniform you wear.

This table shows the items needed for a CAP BDU Uniform. Item number (SKU)Price as of Jun 1, 2016
BDU Cap copyFlat Top Cap (Sizes 6 3/4, 7, 7 1/4, 7 1/2, 7 3/4)CAP0990M$12.70
Black TshirtBlack Crew Neck T-Shirt (Can be purchased locally. Any plain black crew-neck t-shirt is acceptable.)CAP8509$4.30
BDU ShirtBDU - Shirt (Check to see if the unit has one available for you at no cost! Quantities and sizes are limited, first come, first served)1001500 (Youth) or 1001516 (Adult)$23.75 or $34.55
BDU PantsBDU - Pants (Check to see if the unit has one available for you at no cost! Quantities and sizes are limited, first come, first served)1001518 (Youth) or 1001524 (Adult)$23.75 or $34.55
BDU BeltBDU Blue Belt with open black buckle (Check to see if the unit has one available for you at no cost! Quantities and sizes are limited, first come, first served)2500510$10.70
MI Wing PatchMichigan Wing Shoulder PatchCAP0637U$2.30
Unit Patch 75x75Dickinson County Comp Squadron Patch (Available directly from the squadron) LOCAL ONLY$3.00
BDU CAP TapeEmbroidered Civil Air Patrol stripCAP0599K$1.85
BDU Name TapeCAP Embroidered Name StripCAP0599HA$4.30
BDU Boot BlousersBoot Blousers2650175$2.50
BDU Boot SocksBlack Boot Socks
(We suggest that you purchase locally)
BDU Black Jump BootBlack Combat Boots (See note above about combat boots)Not Available at$59.99

The USAF-style Class “B” uniform or “Blues” is the basic uniform for all cadet members. It consists of the items below, plus earned grade and ribbons. Once a cadet earns their first achievement, they receive a $100 “Curry Blues” voucher that can be used at towards obtaining the Blues uniform. Please note, a cadet must receive the voucher from Vanguard through email and follow the instructions. You must use the entire $100 voucher on one order. You cannot use the voucher on multiple orders. The voucher has a time limit and must be used before that time expires. For more information, visit the “Curry Blue Program” page at Item number (SKU)Price as of Jun 1, 2016
MaleBlueFlightCapFlight Cap, MaleCAP0994K$19.45
FemaleBlueFlightCapFlight Cap, FemaleCAP1015J$19.45
CadetHatDeviceCadet Enlisted Flight Cap DeviceCAP0748A$6.50
T-SHIRT-V NECK WHITEWhite V-neck T-ShirtObtain Locally$3.00 - $9.00
MaleBlueShirtAF Blue Short Sleeve Dress Shirt (Male)CAP1001A$47.50
FemaleBlueShirtAF Blue Short Sleeve Dress Overblouse (Female)CAP1017$47.50
CadetNamePlateCadet Name PlateCAP0599M$3.80
MaleBlueBeltAF Elastic Belt with Silver Buckle and Tip (Male)2500505$17.10
FemaleBlueBeltAF Elastic Belt with Silver Buckle and Tip (Female)2500550$16.45
MaleBluePantsAF Blue Trouser (Male)CAP0993B$59.40
FemaleBluePantsAF Blue Slacks (Female)CAP3500A$54.00
BlackSocksBlack Dress Socks by BatesCAP25001$7.55
ShoesOxfordsOxford Patent Leather Dress Shoes (Male/Female)CAP2800NM$43.20
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